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More Natural and More Organic DEFINING ‘CLEAN’ BEAUTY


Founded in 1984, JennyBrown has a story of inheriting tradition and persistent innovation, which carries the wisdom and light of JennyBrown and also records the gifts and insights of time.


  • 1926
  • Encounter Beauty “Mrs. Jenny Brown was born in Switzerland in 1926, whose family ran cosmetic shops. Therefore, she had the opportunity to enter the cosmetics industry. Like many women, her greatest wish was to pursue beauty. ”
  • 1950
  • IDEA She extracted precious ingredients from carefully selected top-quality ingredients. The products can provide ideal care for the skin without leaving any chemical pollutants, making them safe and reassuring for even pregnant women, who need tender care.
  • 1960
  • DEFINING ‘CLEAN’ BEAUTY Over time, she realized that the skincare industry was in the midst of a deep moral and ethical crisis, with growing resistance and pushback against animal testing and the use of toxic ingredients.

Our History

Ranked No.1 for "Since 1984"


In 1984, after 20 years in the market, Jenny Brown created the skin care brand that bore her name, Jenny Brown.

Jenny Brown put forward the product idea of prioritizing nature and cleanness. She extracted precious ingredients from carefully selected top-quality sources, including amino acids, mineral substances, organic acids, vitamins, and other natural ingredients that are indispensable for healthy skin.


What our Clients say

  • JennyBrown create the most amazing crown like stature ——PAZ VEGA
  • 'JennyBrown offer a unique, high quality brand that we feel a perfect match for the excellence of The Royal Ballet.' ——Andrea Riseborough
  • To me, healthy looking skin is glowing skin, radiance equals resilience. ——Sonja Kinski



At JennyBrown we work through biotechnology to achieve extraordinary results through natural, vegan and toxic-free formulas

caring for sustainability and the environment.  

Time Incomparable Skin Care Treasure

Do more good for people and the planet


We believe in Positive Beauty, Healthy Lifestyles.In brands that not only do less harm but do more good for people and the planet.


Our Responsibility

support the needs of orphaned children worldwide.


Jenny Brown Foundation was founded in 2016 which supports the needs of orphaned children worldwide. The first home located in Kasese, Uganda supports the needs of 24 children and has done so for the past few years. We recently added identified another opportunity to have an impact on the lives of 2000 children in some small villages in Zanzibar, Tanzania.